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Filming Requests

Filiming Inquiries

Did you know that filming is permitted onboard Metrolink trains or at our facility properties? Please email us at  for more information.

Filming is also available at many locations along the Metrolink right of way. Please contact Christos Sourmelis at (909) 392-8463 or for details. 



Filming Onboard Trains or Metrolink-Owned Facilities

  • Metrolink will need an overview of the film production shoot in writing via email. It should include the date, timeframe for shoot including prep, action and post action time, location (onboard trains or somewhere), number of film crew members, parking requirements, etc.
  • Metrolink needs an executed contract and insurance prior to filming/ photography onboard trains, or at our Metrolink-owned maintenance facilities. This will usually take 2-3 weeks ahead of your film production shoot.
  • Metrolink will need to review the overall film production concept in advance for filming approval by management.
  • A mandatory safety briefing is required for all film production shoots prior to work starting onboard the train. All film crew members must attend.
  • A pre-production walk through is recommended onboard the train and/or at Los Angeles Union Station train platforms.
  • Fees will vary depending on the film production shoot. Please contact for estimated costs.


Some Important Things to know about Filming with Us

  • Metrolink needs a letter of intent, including but not limited to:
    • Location of Film Shoot
    • Duration (including # of days/hours, including set-up/strike out)
    • Equipment used
    • Number of individuals who will be on railroad property during the proposed filming
    • Parking requirements
  • Metrolink will have to review and approve your film shoot when filming will take you; over/under our tracks or when your shoot will be on railroad property and/or when men and/or equipment have the potential to foul our tracks and/or cause delays on our track.
  • Depending on the parameters of your filming request, in relation to Metrolink tracks and Right-of-Way, either a 2-hour Safety Training will be required or a Safety Briefing. Determination will be made after we have reviewed your request. This training ensures that the crew and actors will learn proper procedures to protect themselves against possible track dangers.
  • Additionally, a Right-of-Entry Permit will be required from Metrolink along with (provided by the submitting production company) insurance with monies to cover direct services such as: Safety Training, Protective Flagging Services, Administration Costs.
  • Our fees depend upon the scope of your project; the number of Metrolink Staff and Metrolink contacted employees are required to assist your production company; the type of equipment appropriate for your production company; and the duration of filming.
  • Metrolink asks that you give us 4-6 weeks lead time if you are filming near and/or on railroad property and 2-4 weeks advance notice if you are filming on a platform or your filming only requires to cross the railroad tracks.