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Metrolink is committed to protecting the environment in Southern California, embracing social responsibility, creating economic vitality and enhancing the quality of life for the communities we serve. We work with transportation agencies throughout the region to offer our riders sustainable and efficient ways to reach their Southern California destinations.

Taking the train is the smartest, cleanest and greenest way to travel.

Metrolink Sustainability

Every year Metrolink service:

  • Removes 9.3 million weekday vehicle trips every year

  • Reduces vehicle miles traveled by 339,329,158 miles

  • Eliminates 130,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions

  • Provides the environmental benefits of planting a 170,000 acre forest


At Metrolink safety is our foundational value. As the world continues to change around us, the work we must do to protect your safety evolves and expands. This includes everything from keeping our communities safe from our moving trains to ensuring our riders feel safe and secure throughout their commute with us.